Lasting Power of Attorney

An LPA is One of the Most Important and Useful Documents You Will Ever Sign

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a document appointing people you trust (attorneys) to look after you and your affairs if you are unwell. The word “lasting” means your attorneys can act on your behalf even if your awareness is impaired due to medication, shock, coma, illness or dementia.

Do note that LPAs must be made while you fully understand what you are signing. There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney, one protects your health and the other protects your finances.

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Different types of LPA that we deal with include the following:

  • Health & Welfare LPA
  • Property and Affairs LPA

Health & Welfare LPA

This type of LPA was introduced in 2008 and really ought to be made by everyone over 18 because it is critical to getting proper medical care if you have an accident. This is because doctors cannot discuss your medical treatment with your family unless you have specifically given permission.

A Health and Welfare LPA gives your family this authority. The document also gives your attorneys the power to make decisions such as whether you should go into a care home (if you are unable to decide yourself). It is a great comfort to know you have personally selected the people who will make such a decision, particularly if you trust some family members more than others to have your best interests at heart.

Property and Affairs LPA

This type of Power of Attorney ensures your finances are looked after if you are unable to manage them personally. The document gives your attorneys the power to make important decisions regarding your finances & property and authorises them to speak to banks, insurance and pension companies. They will also be able to pay care fees and other bills. The document can even be useful if you find yourself physically restricted, such as if you break a leg or have a stroke. In such a situation your mental capacity might be perfect but managing your life would be very difficult without attorneys to help you.

Why is Health and Welfare LPA Important?

Without a Health & Welfare in place the consequences can be devastating. Some possible consequences include:

  • Your family (including your spouse) are not entitled to see your medical notes or enquire about details of your treatment
  • If your family feel you are not getting the best medication they aren’t entitled to discuss this with doctors or challenge decisions
  • Without a Health and Welfare LPA in place your family cannot be involved in any decisions regarding resuscitation

A Health and Welfare LPA will solve these problems by authorising your attorneys to discuss your treatment and medication with doctors. It can literally save your life by enabling your family to be involved in medical and care decisions affecting you and empowering them to fight your corner to ensure you get the best treatment available.

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