Who Can Be an Attorney?

Anyone over the age of 18 who is not bankrupt can be an Attorney.

However there are some guidelines that are worth considering when selecting your Attorneys, such as:

  • Always appoint people you trust. Your Attorneys will have access to your bank account and in some circumstances could even sell your property
  • It’s best to appoint someone younger than you so they will be in good health to look after you
  • It’s best to appoint two or three attorneys in case one is unable to act for any reason

We at GoodLaw Solicitors – Power of Attorney Made Easy are professional solicitors, specialising in LPA assistance for clients in Farnham and the surrounding areas.

We Are LPA Experts

We are experts in assisting clients in LPA. If you are unsure whether you need to make LPA, you should consider the following reasons that tell you the importance of it:
It is not possible to muddle through without one
The benefit of appointing someone you trust to manage your finances is enormous. It gives you peace of mind that you will be looked after properly if you become ill and it considerably reduces the problems and anxiety your family will face in caring for you on a daily basis. Many people think they will somehow be able to muddle through without a LPA, but this is simply not possible in most cases as institutions will only deal directly with an account holder.

More Important Than a Will

LPAs are an immense help in managing your financial affairs and your health and therefore impact directly on the quality of your day to day life. Although it’s reassuring to know your affairs will be handled properly after you die, it is even more crucial to make sure you are properly protected while you are alive.

Don’t Delay

The sooner you make LPAs the better because you have to do it while you fully understand what you are signing. We are often contacted by families desperately wanting to help their loved ones but are unable to because it’s too late. This can happen suddenly because of an accident or gradually through an illness or dementia. The only option for families in this situation is an expensive and time consuming application to the Court of Protection. We strongly advise you to avoid this scenario by putting LPAs in place as early as possible. People often leave it until the last moment but it’s better to do it as early as you can and have the protection in place for your whole life. This is indeed an incredibly cheap form of insurance when you consider you get a lifetime of protection by signing a couple of forms.

And if You Have Left It Too Late?

If you think the mental capacity of a member of your family is too impaired to understand and sign a LPA, contact us to get advice on the best way to proceed. Sometimes a capacity assessment shows they have sufficient understanding at certain points in the day and can sign the document during a lucid interval. If this is not possible, we can advise and assist with an application to court where appropriate.

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