Why Use a Solicitor

Professional Solicitors at Your Assistance

By using a solicitor specialising in this field you have the reassurance that they meet your objectives successfully.
Some advantages of dealing with us include:

  • Powers of Attorney are powerful legal documents and must be prepared properly.
  • Throughout the document it recommends taking legal advice on the decisions contained within it.
  • You need proper guidance on the “instructions” section to ensure your investments can be managed in the event of you losing capacity.
  • The documents take a lot of work to prepare, sign and register, we have a very reliable process for doing this from years of practice.
  • 30% of personal applications are rejected by the court due to errors, resulting in additional court fees.
  • We keep scanned copies of all registered documents on our system so we can assist clients in the future if documents are lost, damaged or if certified copies are needed urgently.
  • We keep attendance notes and details of how the documents were signed which can be produced in the event of problems using the document, or anyone challenging the capacity of the person making the document.
  • We provide practical advice to clients on how the documents are best set up based on years of experience of how the documents are used in day to day life, for example, whether to set them up Jointly and severally, whether to appoint replacement attorneys and how to ensure ISAs and other investments can continue to be managed in the event of you losing capacity.
  • We provide ongoing advice on how to use the documents on a day to day basis and what to do when issues arise with banks and other institutions, and how to handle conflicts between attorneys.

Several Services Available as Standard

At GoodLaw Solicitors – Power of Attorney Made Easy, a wide range of add-on services are available as standard, included in the price that you pay.
Some of them include:

  • A face to face meeting with a solicitor including a free home visit
  • A solicitor acting as your certificate provider to certify your capacity to make the document
  • Preparation of all the forms for registration, including the LPA, the application and the notification forms
  • Free advice before during and after – our helpline is always available for your support
  • Free secure storage of the original document
  • Free ongoing assistance (for example: we will write letters to banks or doctors if you encounter problems using the document)
  • Flexible payment options if you are having difficulty finding the money to pay (please inquire)

If you are looking for more details on LPAs, simply contact the LPA solicitors today. Whilst we are located in Farnham, we serve Surrey, Hants, Sussex and London.

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